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Q: What is system requirement?
A:The operating system should be Windows.

Q: When downloading, a '404 not found' error comes, how to do?
A: There are some reasons caused this error:
your version is old, you can get new version to try again;
There is no high resolution images on your downloading area;
You did not run it as administrator.

Q:When a task is broken, how to continue it?
A: Open the broken task, do not modify any patameters, including zoom level, then click start, it will continue.

Q:Is it free?
A:No, it is a shareware, you can try it before buy. For trial version, you can not download high zoom level images, the max zoom level for trial version is 13.

Q:Is tech support free?
A:Yes! It's free for all.

Q:Do I have to pay for the upgrades?
A:No! All upgrades are free to registered users.

Q:How much is it?
A:It costs only US$ 69.95 per license.

Q:How to buy?
Click the link to buy now: Order now

Q:I have more questions - who should I write to?
A:Please send your additional questions to omm@allmapsoft.com



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