How to download

Some problems when downloading

How to view downloaded maps

How to combine small images into one big image

How to download other type maps

How to download?

See the shot screen. It is very easy to use.

Firstly, enter a project name, such like "Mytask.gmid". All project files are saved as *.gmid. If you want to continue a old project, click button "Open task...".

There are 4 parameters (Left Longitude, Right Longitude, Top Latitude, Bottom Latitude) to define the area scope of images that you want to download.

The zoom level defines the image precision.

Select a path to save the project and downloaded images, then click button "Start", OK, start downloading now ... !

When downloading, the log window will show the downloading process. When finished, the log will be saved to a file.

Parameters explainment:

1. Left Longitude: -180<=value<=180, for East, the value is positive, for West, the value is negative.
2. Right Longitude:-180<=value<=180, for East, the value is positive, for West, the value is negative.
3. Top Latitude:-85<=value<=85,for North, the value is positive,for South, the value is negative.
4. Bottom Latitude:-85<=value<=85,for North, the value is positive,for South, the value is negative.
5. Zoom level: defines the image precision, the max zoom is 21. (For trial version, the max zoom is 13.)

The followed sketch map explains the area scope:

For longitude and latitude, the input measurement is degree. You can convert the measurement of "Degrees, Minutes,Seconds" to "Degrees" by click menu
"Misc->Convert 'Degrees,Minutes,Seconds' to 'Degrees'...".

How to get the lat/long information from Google Maps?
You can right-click a location on the map and select "What's here?" The coordinates of that location will automatically appear in the Search box at the top of the page.



Some problems:

1. Google map uses a protection mechanism to keep a good quality of service. If one makes too much requests, google map will add its IP address to a blacklist, and you may see a message:

Google Error : 403 forbidden

If this happened, Google Satellite Maps Downloader will show a messge in log window: May be your IP is banned by Google. Then you must wait for some time(24 hours) or change to another IP.

2. For some areas, there are not high precision images on google's server, so may be caused a error "404 not found" when you try to download such images. If this happened, you need to set smaller zoom size to download. (For most areas, the max zoom level is 18)

3. Sometimes when you click 'download' button it shows this message: "Cannot create file c:\allmapsoft\gsmd\ini\s.txt", you can "Run as administrator" to solve this problem.

 How to view downloaded satellite images?

You can view downloaded maps without combining them into one big file.
We provide a tool to view the images, you can run it from menu "Tools"->"Map Viewer".

Then open a project from menu "File"->"Open task..." to view the map.


How to combine small images into one big image?

After downloading, all small images are saved on your disk. Then you can combine them into one big image map.

We provide a tool, you can run it from menu "Tools"->"Map Combiner".

If the created bmp is too large, you can use tool BMP Splitter to split it. Click menu "Tools"->"BMP Splitter" to use it.

How to download other type maps?

Google Satellite Maps Downloader can only download satellite images of Google Maps, if you want to download other types of maps, we provide other tools:

Google Maps Downloader : It can download normal maps, satellite maps, terrain maps and hybrid maps of Google Maps.

Universal Maps Downloader: It can download maps from many maps servers. Maps type including: google street maps, google satellite maps, google terrain maps, google hybrid maps, yahoo street maps, yahoo satellite maps, yahoo hybrid maps, bing street maps, bing satellite maps, bing hybrid maps, openstreetmap normal map, openstreetmap transport, openstreetmap cycle map, openstreet map mapquest map, openstreetmap humanitarian, yandex map, yandex satellite, ovi street map, ovi satellite map, ovi terrain map, ovi hybrid map, mapquest normal map, mapquest satellite, ordnance survey maps, amap satellite, qq satellite, qq terrain, qq map, baidu satellite, baidu map, the national map, Mappy, ArcGis Online, ViaMichelin, Whereis, etc.

Offline Map Maker: Difference from Universal Maps Downloader: Offline Map Maker can downloads multi zoom level in one task, but Universal Maps Downloader can only download single zoom level in one task.

google earth images downloder: It can download images (including historical imagery) from google earth servers, not google maps.